enRetiro 2022
Encúpula invites a collaboration between art and law. The space was chosen and intervened to motivate this dialogue from the point of view of the concept of justice that is intimately related to both worlds and, in essence, to every individual. One can discuss that the legal impact of art increases when the institutional or political apparatus is weak. In specific contexts, the communication of art reaches the interpreter more immediately than through politics, stripped of filters and equally capable of representing the preferences of a group.

This project started with the graduation thesis of Giorgia Alliata from Law School, which postulates that in a  present characterized by instant answers, it is worth remembering the difficulty of obtaining immediate solutions about what is fair and what is unfair, about how justice is supposed to render everyone their due...

Ultimately, the concept of justice involves each person, and that is part of its meaning. A way to challenge a varied audience is in a space with an undefined purpose but a defined period and geography (capable of mutating according to different variables and needs). Encúpula is not a gallery, and its inauguration is not necessarily an exhibition. It is an experiment to contextualize certain themes and postulate answers through the reflection contained in a time and space.

At the core of the rule of law, in addition to the obligatory nature and correspondence of norms, there is an underlying intention for agreement. Without correlations of thought, coexistence is not desirable, although different subjective perceptions remain. Relative meanings do not prevent dialogue but propose it, and this exchange is necessarily the prelude to any future agreement. Art brings us closer to looking at these issues in detail and condenses a high level of heterogeneous empathy, especially when facing conceptual labyrinths such as justice. Encúpula proposes to start retracing it, considering its inherent aleatory components.

Constanza Schwartz

Ramón de Oromí

Benito Ekmekdjian

Martín Rodríguez

Cleo Stoutzker

2 (Filo)Sofías

Clara Z

Sol Ramírez

Marcela Gonzalez