Giorgia Alliata di Montereale

Surrealismo Artificial

Surrealismo Artificial es una serie que comenzó en 2023 explorando los avances del IA, fusionando la teconología con una estética temática surrealista y brutalista.


Artificial Surrealism is a series that began in 2023, exploring the advancements of AI, blending technology with a surrealist and brutalist thematic aesthetic. The images result from various digital commands that, accumulatively, generate invented structures. In many works comprising the series, machine-produced glitches can be observed, revealing that what we see is not a “real” image. What constitutes a real image?

However, there are alterations to perception that feel familiar and give rise to what I call the “vanguard of the infinite.” AI can create infinite altered realities that remain strangely recognizable to us. The reproducible and the irreproducible merge within a single attempt, presenting an intriguing duality for the future of art and its production.

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