Giorgia Alliata di Montereale


Experiments is my current series of photographic material where I register and digitalize images across varying spans of time.


This investigation examines the materialities of photographic paper as I attempt to capture texture in a digital image at different stages of reaction. My recent work in photography has focused on creating abstract pieces with a solid conceptual foundation. The concept of justice cannot be fully captured by the traditional image of a woman holding a sword and balance. Neither can we fully grasp this notion in concrete examples that portray questionable aspects. There are many aspects to justice, some that are obvious, while others are less tangible. This piece is a chemigram created using conventional photosensitive materials and exposed to light on paper. During the exposure process, the chemigram changes and evolves, but it is then fixed as a black-and-white photograph once developed in a laboratory. This process allows for greater creative freedom and is closely linked to painting and printmaking. However, as a photographer, I still see this medium as a lens through which I capture a moment of reaction, although it is not created using a traditional lens. The intention behind this non-lens-based photography is still that of a photographer, despite my lack of control of the outcome. Initially, some of the papers displayed are trial runs for a larger piece, but they ultimately became the most critical part of my process.
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