Giorgia Alliata di Montereale


2021, Present
A collection of images that depict the varying perspectives and understanding of the concept of prohibition.


A body of work that captures the way in which social mores define taboo behaviors. The images address different degrees of prohibited or permitted activities and aims to generate discussion about personal freedom and social norms. Personal preference is often seen as essential to individual freedom and autonomy. People are generally free to make their own choices and decisions as long as they do not harm others or violate the law. However, the law can sometimes regulate or restrict personal choice to promote the common good or protect the rights and interests of third parties. In this sense, there can be tension between personal choice and the law, as people may feel that regulations or restrictions infringe upon their freedoms. However, it is essential to balance the rights and freedoms of individuals with the need for order and stability in society.

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